Easter Thoughts: Ambition

Categories: Freedom Blog

By: Josh Sugg


I was really encouraged yesterday by the video below and Pastor Clint’s sermon. One thing in particular has stayed in my mind the last 24 hours that I can’t quite shake: every book, every story, and every verse in the Bible points to Christ.

I love the fact that here at Freedom we don’t choose to focus on Jesus just at Christmas and Easter. Week in and week out Jesus is the primary focus of the weekly Sunday sermon and everything we do throughout the week is aimed to glorify God by exalting Christ in making Him known to the world around us. This is our focus because this is the focus of the Bible.

It is my prayer that as a church we would devote ourselves to making this theme that we see in the Bible our theme. I pray that you would think about what your life’s great ambition is. Is it to know Christ and make Him known? Or do you have another primary goal in your life? I want to be clear with you, there is no greater purpose in life that to seek to glorify God in all you do.

Check out the video again and as you go about your week seriously consider this final question: Does the great ambition of your life align with the great ambition of the Bible?

The Big Story from The Gospel Project | LifeWay on Vimeo.