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We desire to see lives transformed by God through the gospel for His glory.

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Freedom Family,

A few weeks ago, I took a poll of our Sunday School class asking when it was acceptable to start decorating for Christmas. Now while some of you (cough…Grinch…cough) think you can’t decorate until after Thanksgiving, I would expect that everyone would be pulling the lights out of the attic by this weekend. With that said, I am excited that I can now blast my collection of Christmas music without the fear of judgement from the Thanksgiving purists (you know who you are).

On a serious note, we are excited to announce that on December 13, we will again be hosting the Christ of Christmas Concert. This concert will bring hip-hop artists God’s Servant, Ambassador, and G.O.D. Sent to Lincolnton to share the Christmas story through hip-hop. Don’t worry, if hip-hop lyrics are too fast for you, we will have them posted on the screen so that you can follow along.

Last year, many people couldn’t believe how much they enjoyed a hip-hop concert. Tickets are only $5! We are challenging all of our members to attend the concert and purchase an additional ticket to bring a friend, co-worker, or family member (or all three). This will be a great time for people to hear the Christmas story in a creative, fun environment.

Here is a video that you can share with you friends and family to promote the concert!

Ready to celebrate with you,
Intern Luke