Freedom in 4D


At Freedom Church we desire to know God and to make Him known. To “know God” in the Scriptures means more than merely attaining information. It has to do with both understanding and experiencing King Jesus as your ultimate joy and treasure (Ps. 16:11; Ps. 37:4; Mt. 13:44-45). We want people to understand the Gospel and experience the life-changing power of Jesus in such a way that God is their ultimate DELIGHT. We do not want a church of ‘religious people’ but instead a church of those who find their most joy and pleasure in God Himself. We believe that this pursuit of more intimate knowledge of Christ never ends, since the riches of Christ are “unsearchable” (Eph. 3:8). We want unbelievers to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior and for the believer to press on to know Christ more (Phil. 3:10).

Every week we will gather to delight in our Triune God corporately for worship through the study of the Scriptures, prayer, fellowship, taking the Lord’s Supper, and the giving of our offerings – all of it – that we may know and delight in Christ more and more. We also want to help people individually delight in Christ more and more through daily spiritual practices.


We long to see believers grow into the image and likeness of Christ. We are passionate about seeing people become Disciples of Jesus. To accomplish this, we are committed to helping form healthy gospel-centered community through “Discipleship Groups.” These “D-Groups” are sermon-based small groups that will meet weekly in homes to live out the “one anothers” of Scripture. The groups will practice the following:

  • Socializing and Sharing
  • Study/Discussion of the previous Sunday’s sermon (or special focus for that week)
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Freedom to digress
  • Local ministry projects

We see these D-Groups as necessities for healthy church members. Lack of participation makes it next to impossible for the Elders to exercise appropriate care for members. Therefore in the membership covenant we ask that you commit to meeting together consistently in one of these small groups.


We believe that Jesus calls every believer to be a missionary. Together, we are to “go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:18-20). Therefore the first way that we will engage our world is by Declaring His gospel to every tribe, language, people and nation in our backyard and abroad.

We intend to do this through:

  • Personal Evangelism
  • Church Planting
  • Mission Trips


We also believe that God has called Christians to display Christ-like justice and mercy in our community. Therefore, we will be a church that is committed to aiding the poor, caring for the sick, standing up for the oppressed, and defending those who cannot defend themselves. (Ps. 10:17-18; Lk. 4:18; Ro. 12:15; James 1:27).

This aspect of our mission will take many shapes and forms. However, our focus will be on glorifying Christ through active and passionate social justice.

We intend to:

  • Serve the poor and the needy by providing for them physically and spiritually.
  • Pray and provide assistance for the sick.
  • Fight for the rights of those who are oppressed by slavery or abuse.
  • Care for the orphan, those who are racially discriminated against, the unborn, and all others who are without a voice to defend themselves.